Full-on gaming rig comes to life!

Recently we were asked to repair and upgrade a custom built gaming PC. The rig consisted of a Coolermaster Pro case, containing an Asus P6T motherboard, running an Intel i7 Quad-core CPU, 6Gb of Corsair Dominator GT RAM, and a Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX295 graphics card. The CoolIT Freezone Elite liquid cooling system had suffered fan failure which had led to the pump overheating and seizing.

First job for us to tackle was fixing the cooling system. The fan was a fairly simple like-for-like swap, however the pump proved more difficult, as the Freezone Elite system has been out of production for some time. Full marks to Andrew Wildgoose at CoolIT’s spares centre in Canada, who sourced not one but two spare pumps and had them FedExed to us. With the cooling system now fully functional, our attentions turned to jacking this machine up a few notches! The memory was completely upgraded to the latest spec Corsair Dominator GT RAM, with 24Gb in total fitted to the board. Next to go was the graphics card, being replaced by a pair of Palit Nvidia GeForce GTx560Ti 2Gb items, bridged with an SLi connector to give a full 4Gb graphics capability. Finishing touches included a wireless ‘N’ card, upgraded case fans and a Creative X-Fi Fatality Professional sound card and head unit.

To finish it all off, a 160Gb OC Vertex SSD drive was installed as the main OS drive, giving lightning-fast read times. A seperate 1Tb SATA drive takes care of the bulk of the storage.
Needless to say, once this rig was fine-tuned for full-on performance, our customer was extremely happy with his machine. It certainly wasn’t a cheap project, but the price reflects the awesome performance capability of this outstanding creation!

If you would like a quote for any type of one-off custom PC, please give us a call at the shop where we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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