Sadler’s Farm returns to (almost) normal!

At last we are happy to say that the massive road building project at Sadler’s Farm is now nearing completion, and as such the huge traffic tailbacks that have been causing so much disruption have eased off. We also would like to remind customers that the Sadlers Hall Farm Business Park site has a new entrance, still on the London Road (the old Pitsea road) but just a little further along from the old entrance. There are also a few new retailers on the Farm, so if you haven’t been past recently it is well worth popping in for a look!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who have braved the roadworks to get to the shop, and hope that we will see more of you now that the project is almost finished. Our opening times will remain the same for now, so we will be opening late on Thursdays (until 8pm) until further notice.

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